Mathew Bull

Recent Graduate
College of Medicine – Tucson
Year Entered Program: 
Grad Year: 
Degrees Received: 
  • PhD, University of Arizona, Physiological Sciences GIDP, 2016
  • BS, University of Arizona, Biology / Chemistry (minor), 2009 
Residency at University of Arizona College of Medicine, Internal Medicine
Thesis Advisor: 
Henk Granzier, PhD
Thesis Research: 

Titin, a sarcomeric protein, is the largest protein in the body, and along with the extracellular matrix is responsible for diastolic properties in the heart.  Recent exciting evidence indicates that Titin plays a significant role in pathological hypertrophy signaling.  By utilizing multiple mouse models in which specific sequences have been deleted from the titin gene, I am investigating how stress and strain on the giant sarcomeric protein titin regulate hypertrophy signaling.

Honors & Awards: 
  • Van Denburgh Scholar 2014-15 ARCS Foundation Fellowship Recipient
Selected Publications: 
  1. M. Bull, H. Granzier, et al., “Titin’s N2B element is essential for stress induced cardiac remodeling.” (2017). In preparation.

  2. Bull, M., Methawasin M., Strom J., Nair P., Hutchinson K., Granzier H. (2016). "Alternative Splicing of Titin Restores Diastolic Function in an HFpEF-Like Genetic Murine Model (TtnDeltaIAjxn)." Circ Res 119(6): 764-772.

  3. Granzier, H. L., Kirk R. Hutchinson, Paola Tonino, Mei Methawasin, Frank W. Li, Rebecca E. Slater, Mathew M. Bull, Chandra Saripalli, Christopher T. Pappas, Carol C. Gregorio, and John E. Smith III. (2014). "Deleting titin's I-band/A-band junction reveals critical roles for titin in biomechanical sensing and cardiac function." Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 111(40): 14589-14594.

  4. L. Hill, M. Bull, Y. Sung, A. Simmonds, P. Dirlam, N. Richey, S. DeRosa,  I. Shim, P. Costanzo, N. Pinna, M. Willinger, W. Vogel, K. Char, J. Pyun. Directing the deposition of ferromagnetic metallic cobalt onto Pt-tipped CdSe@CdS nanorods: Synthetic and Mechanistic Insights. ACSNano. 2012, 6, 8632–8645.

  5. P. Keng, M. Bull, I. Shim, K. Nebesny, N. Armstrong, Y. Sung, K. Char, and J. Pyun. Colloidal Polymerization of Polymer-Coated Ferromagnetic Cobalt Nanoparticles into Pt-Co3O4  Nanowires. Chem. Mater. 2011, 23, 1120–1129.

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Publications Prior to Entering MD-PhD Program:

  1. Hill L, Bull M, Sung Y, Simmonds A, Dirlam P, Richey N, DeRosa S, Shim I, Costanzo P, Pinna N, Willinger M, Vogel W, Car K, Pyun J.  Directing the deposition of ferromagnetic cobalt onto Pt-tipped CdSe@CdS nanorods: synthetic and mechanistic insights.  ACS Nano. 2012, 6, 8632-8645.  PMID: 22900605

  2. Keng P, Kim B, Shim I, Sahoo R, Veneman P, Armstrong N, Yoo H, Pemberton J, Bull M, Griebel J, Ratcliff E, Nebesny K, Pyun J.  Colloidal polymerization of polymer-coated ferromagnetic nanoparticles into cobalt oxide nanowires.  ACS Nano. 2009 Oct 27;3(10):3143-57.  PMID: 19799415

  3. Bull M, Chung W, Anderson S, Kim S, Shim I, Paik H, Pyun J. Synthesis of ferromagnetic polymer coated nanoparticles on multi-gram scale with tunable particle size. J Mater Chem, 2010, 20, 6023-6025.

  4. Keng P, Bull M, Shim I, Nebesny K, Armstrong N, Sung Y, Char K, Pyun J. Colloidal polymerization of polymer-coated ferromagnetic cobalt nanoparticles into Pt-Co3O4 nanowires. Chem Mater. 2011, 23(5), 1120-1129.