Tuition Scholarships and Stipends

  • Students accepted into the UACOM-T MSTP program are guaranteed financial support for the duration of their studies subject to good standing in the program.

  • Students in the MSTP will receive a scholarship to cover costs of tuition during both MD and PhD years.

  • The current yearly stipend level is $32,500 during the medical years and is similar throughout graduate school training.  Student stipends may vary slightly during graduate school depending on the funding source and department. 

Student Health Insurance

  • UACOM-T requires that all medical students maintain health insurance throughout their educational career. Students may obtain health insurance through campus health or through their own health insurance carrier.

  • Please see Student Health Insurance | Campus Health for rates and deadlines. There will be partial financial assistance available to help with insurance coverage if paid by the student the MD years.

  • Health insurance coverage during the PhD years, will need to be discussed and arranged with the student’s faculty advisor and graduate department.  Typically, the student health plan is fully funded during graduate school years.