Student Committees

Executive Committee

2023-2024 Committee Members: Julia Morris and Danielle Sawyer

Definition of Role: The Executive Committee is primarily responsible for the oversight and communication with the individual student committees. Executive committee members will meet once per month with the MSTP administration to discuss student committee needs and overall program goals. The members of the executive committee are directly responsible for program growth and should be actively involved with all program undertakings.

Admissions Committee

2023-2024 Committee Members: Hannah Korah, Bao Thai, and Riley Hellinger

Definition of Role: The Admissions Committee is responsible for participating in the MSTP admissions process to select suitable candidates for the subsequent academic year. Student and faculty members of the admissions committee are divided among three subcommittees and are responsible for reviewing at least 10-12 applications. The committees then meet to discuss who should be selected for an interview, and student members are then responsible for interviewing approximately 4 applicants on each interview day. After interviews are over, the committee meets again to rank candidates and identify who should be invited immediately, as well as who should be placed on a waitlist.

Recruitment Committee

2023-2024 Committee Members: Tom Larsen, Zak Webber, and Coco Tirambulo

Definition of Role: The Recruitment Committee is responsible for the planning and coordination of recruitment activities surrounding interview days as well as outreach activities for a successful recruitment year. In general, the Recruitment Committee works closely with the admissions committee during application season. The Recruitment Committee is also responsible for scheduling outreach activities with undergraduate students and general promotion of our program to future recruits.

Colloquium/Continuity Committee

2023-2024 Committee Members: Maria Adelus, Andres Dias, and Megan Sylvester

Definition of Role: The Colloquium/Continuity Committee oversees the preparation and oversight of the monthly student “colloquia” hosted by the MD-PhD program. The committee members will fall into the student committee organizational structure established by the MD-PhD Program and will report to the Executive Committee. “Continuity” refers to continual medical education sessions, particularly aimed at graduate-phase MD-PhD students, that will be held at each colloquium, preceding, or following speaker presentations, depending on speaker availability

APSA Membership Committee

2023-2024 Committee Members: Riley Hellinger and Coco Tirambulo 

Definition of Role: To inform students about the upcoming resources and opportunities available to them through the American Physician Scientist Association (APSA) and encourage participation with other physician scientists across the country.

APSA Membership fees are covered by the program, and their list of benefits can be found at: 

Retreat Committee

2023-2024 Committee Members: Xana Waughma, Helena Hurbon, Robin Black, Joe Kiblen, and Alexandra Miller 

Definition of Role: The Retreat Committee is responsible for overseeing and planning the annual summer retreat, to be held prior to the start of each academic year. Committee members will be responsible for budgeting costs of the retreat, selecting venues, speakers, and creating an agenda for the event.

Wellness Committee

2023-2024 Committee Member: Kate Johnson

Definition of Role: The Wellness and Alumni Committee is responsible for promoting wellness, community, collaboration, and networking within the MD/PhD program by planning and hosting events throughout the year. An additional responsibility of this committee is continued communication and involvement with program alumni.