Andres F. Diaz

Graduate School
College of Medicine – Tucson
Year Entered Program: 
Grad Year: 
Degrees Received: 
  • Tulane University | New Orleans, LA | MS, Cellular and Molecular Biology | 2018
  • University of Central Florida | Orlando, FL | BS, Biomedical Sciences, BS Biotechnology, Minor, Medical Anthropology | 2017
University of Arizona | Tucson, AZ | MD/PhD Candidate, Cancer Biology | 2028
About Me: 

Throughout my personal and professional life, I have been inspired by the work of physicians and scientists who dedicate their work to improving access to health services, life-saving medicines, education, and resource equity. As such, I strive to place patients and underserved communitites at the center of my research, doing my best to integrate a "bench-to-bedside" approach to all of my work. As an aspiring pediatric oncologist and cancer researcher, I plan to nurture a practice that cares for those in the "outskirts" of society locally and a broad as well as commit to a research philosophy that includes patient communities underrepresented in research literature.

I am currently serving as Chief Editor of The New Physician magazine and as a member of the AMSA National Board of Trustees.

Always looking to collaborate or help in any way. Feell free to contact me via email!

Honors & Awards: 
  • American Medical Student Association, James Slayton National Award for Leadership Excellence | 2022
  • American Society of Clinical Oncology, Summer Internship and Travel Award ($6500) | 2021
  • National Institute of Health, Medical Student Research Program ($5000) | 2021
  • UA College of Medicine, Latino Medical Student Association Community Service Award | 2021
  • The Daily Wildcat, Rising Star in Science Journalism | 2021

Research Interests:

  • Exploring the anti-tumor potential of γδ T cells and other cellular immunotherapy products against pediatric tumors.
  • Focusing on manufacturing non-alloreactive MHC-independent immune effectors for "off-the-shelf" applications.
  • Addressing technical and structural barriers limiting wide dissemination of adaptive cell therapies in LMICs.
Selected Publications: 

Acacemic Publications

  • Duan S, Sawyer TW, Sontz RA, Wieland BA, Diaz AF, Merchant JL. GFAP-directed Inactivation of Men1 Exploits Glial Cell Plasticity in Favor of Neuroendocrine Reprogramming. Cell Mol Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2022;14(5):1025-1051.
  • Marielle Ngamije, MPH, Andres Diaz, MS, Ntami Echeng, BSc, Victoria Ainsworth, BSc, Lydia Asana, PhD; Chapter 12: Key Steps for Youth Inclusion in Global Health Efforts; Approaching global oncology: The win-win model; IOP Publishing; Bristol, UK; 2022
  • “Lack of Publications Featuring Skin of Color in High Impact Journals and its Effects on Medical Education: A Call to Action”; Britney N. Wilson, MBS, Mary Sun, Claire Ufongene, Andres F. Diaz, MS, Dedee F. Murrell, MD, Jenny E. Murase, MD; Journal of American Academy of Dermatology. (In review)
  • “Assessing hypertension management and identifying health disparities in the Latino population at a medical student-Run free family clinic”; Amanda Chung, Andres F. Diaz, MS, Daniel Sadoway, Patricia Lebensohn, MD; Journal of Student-Run Clinics. (In review)


  • Turning the Tide Against Malaria; Andres F. Diaz, MS; The Daily Wildcat; Tucson, AZ; 2021
  • Coronavirus Resurgence and Mental Health Obstacles for Health Professionals; Andres F. Diaz, MS; The New Physician; Washington, DC; 2021
  • Hablas Español? Spanish in an Evolving Medical Stage; Andres F. Diaz, MS; The Daily Wildcat; Tucson, AZ; 2020


MD-PhD Committee Student Rep: 
MD-PhD Committee Student Rep