Adam Bernstein

Recent Graduate
College of Medicine – Tucson
Year Entered Program: 
Grad Year: 
Degrees Received: 

BS, University of Arizona, Physiology and Biomedical Engineering, minor in Math, 2013

PhD, University of Arizona Biomedical Engineering, 2018

Thesis Advisor: 
Theodore "Ted" Trouard, PhD
Thesis Research: 

Dissertation Title: Advanced Diffusion MRI Techniques: Methodological Development and Clinical Application

I am interested in further developing and testing novel medical imaging techniques in order to improve diagnosis. In addition, I am interested in continuing to develop novel imaging techniques to aid in the better understanding of healthy brain structure and function.

About Me: 

I graduated from the University of Arizona in May, 2013, and am an avid Arizona basketball and football fan. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my dogs, Violet and Mel, playing Mario Kart with my friends, computer programming, and weather permitting, going flying with my dad.

Honors & Awards: 

Biomedical Engineering Outstanding Graduate Student, 2018

NIH Intramural Research Training Award Fellow, 2016-2018

Biomedical Imaging and Spectroscopy Training Grant, 2015-2016

Selected Publications: 

Bernstein AS, Chen N‐K, Trouard TP. Bootstrap analysis of diffusion tensor and mean apparent propagator parameters derived from multiband diffusion MRI. Magn Reson Med. 2019; 00: 1– 8.

Chen NK, Chou Y, Sundman M, Hickey P, Kasoff WS, Bernstein AS, Trouard TP, Lin T, Rapcsak SZ, Sherman SJ, Weingarten CP. Alteration of Diffusion-Tensor Magnetic Resonance Imaging Measures in Brain Regions Involved in Early Stages of Parkinson’s Disease. Brain connectivity 8(6): 343-349. 2018.

Chen NK, Chang HC, Bilgin A, Bernstein AS, Trouard TP. A diffusion-matched principal component analysis (DM-PCA) based two-channel denoising procedure for high-resolution diffusion-weighted MRI. PloS one 13(5), e0195952. 2018.

Totenhagen JW, Bernstein AS, Yoshimaru ES, Erickson RP, Trouard TP. Quantitative magnetic resonance imaging of brain atrophy in a mouse model of Niemann-Pick type C disease. PloS one 12(5), e0178179. 2017.

Moore-Dotson JM, Beckman JJ, Mazade RE, Hoon M, Bernstein AS, Romero-Aleshire MJ, Brooks HL, Eggers ED. Early retinal neuronal dysfunction in diabetic mice: reduced light-evoked inhibition increases rod pathway signaling. Investigative ophthalmology & visual science 57(3), 1418-1430. 2016.

Hingorani DV, Bernstein AS, Pagel MD. A review of responsive MRI contrast agents: 2005-2014. Contrast media & molecular imaging 10(4): 245-265. 2015.

Hingorani DV, Yoo B, Bernstein AS, Pagel MD. Detecting enzyme activities with exogenous MRI contrast agents. Chemistry - A European Journal 20(32): 9840-9850. 2014.