UA MSTP Welcomes Our First Ever Graduate, Dr. Sean Mackey & Congratulations Class of 2024!

Publish Date: 
Mar 15 2024

What an extraordinary week it has been for our MudPhuds!

Kicking off the week, we were honored to welcome back Dr. Sean Mackey to his academic origins. As the inaugural graduate of COM-T's MD/PhD Program in 1994, Dr. Mackey's return was a momentous occasion filled with insights and inspiration for our future physician-scientists. 

Adding to the jubilation, today marks a historic milestone as SEVEN of our current MD/PhD students have successfully matched! Heartfelt congratulations to the exceptional Class of 2024!

Let us celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of:

Greg Branigan

Andrew Tubbs

Jessika Iwanski

Kendra Marr

Sanjay Menghani

Megan Sylvester

Jonathan Credo

Ashley Guest (COM-P)

Benjamin Conner (COM-P)

Your dedication, perseverance, and scholarly excellence have propelled you to this remarkable achievement, we are incredibly proud of all of you!