Sanjay Menghani

College of Medicine – Tucson
Year Entered Program: 
Degrees Received: 

BA in Biochemistry and Economics (with a Minor in Chemistry) from the University of Pennsylvania, May 2015

Thesis Advisor: 
About Me: 

Growing up in Vineland, NJ and going to college in Philadelphia, I have experienced most of my life on the East Coast. Moving to Arizona to start my training to become a physician-scientist presents me with a new and exciting adventure that I am really excited to begin! In college, I worked in the lab of Dr. Sara Cherry, a well-known microbiologist and virologist. In her lab, I got the chance to learn about Rift Valley Fever virus. After graduating college, I moved on to work as a Postbaccalaureate IRTA at the NIH Clinical Center. There, I learned a lot about nosocomial infections, the added healthcare burden associated with patient falls, pressure ulcers, and other hospital-centric patient outcomes. In returning to bench research, I hope to return to studying viruses and the way the immune system fights them off. Outside of the classroom and lab, I enjoy playing sports like soccer, relaxing at the beach, running, and exploring new places!

Honors & Awards: 
  • 2011 Otto Schwabe Memorial Scholarship – Vineland Rotary Club (June 2011)
  • Distinguished Alumnus Award – Vineland Rotary Club (June 2013)
  • State of New Jersey Dept. of Human Services 2014 Sally & Nathan Rogoff Scholarship
  • Inducted into the Phi Sigma Biological Sciences Honor Society at Penn (Jan. 2015)
  • Awarded New Jersey Dept. of Human Services 2015 Cathy and Herb Bodensiek Scholarship
  • NIH Postbaccalaureate Intramural Research Training Award (IRTA) Fellowship at the NIH Clinical Center
Selected Publications: 
  1. Molleston, J.M., Sabin, L.R., Moy, R.H., Menghani, S.V., Rausch, K., Gordesky-Gold, B., Hopkins, K.C., Zhou, R., Jensen, T.H., Wilusz, J.E., and Cherry, S. (2016). A conserved virus-induced cytoplasmic TRAMP-like complex recruits the exosome to target viral RNA for degradation. Genes Dev.. Vol 30, Issue 14, pp. 1658-1670.

  2. Hopkins, K.C., Tartell, M.A., Herrmann, C., Hackett, B.A., Taschuk, F., Panda, D., Menghani, S.V., Sabin, L.R., and Cherry, S. (2015). Virus-induced translational arrest through 4EBP1/2-dependent decay of 5'TOP mRNAs restricts viral infection. PNAS Vol. 112, No. 22, pp. E2920–E2929.

Conference Posters/Abstracts:
  1. Title: The Challenges of Implementing a Patient-Centered Approach to Falls Prevention Authors: Mayberry, H., Miller-Davis, C., Lee, C., Menghani, S.V., and Brennan, C. Conference: 2016 18th Annual NPSF Congress, Scottsdale, AZ; May 2016.

  2. Title: Measurement of Patient Acuity Related to Clinical Research: Concept Clarification and Review of the Literature Authors: Brennan, C, Feigenbaum, K, Krumlauf, M, Gartell, K, Menghani, SV, and Cusack, G. Conference: AcademyHealth 2016 Annual Research Meeting, Boston, MA; June 2016